Lachlan and Pip Ratjens at their Angourie home. Photo: Fiona Maclachlan
Lachlan and Pip Ratjens at their Angourie home. Photo: Fiona Maclachlan

FLIKKU: Couple launch ultimate streaming app

WITH a seemingly infinate amount shows to watch and a growing number of platforms to stream from, it is no wonder making a choice can be difficult. Until now.

Angourie couple Lachlan and Pip Ratjens have launched an app which could put an end to family debates over what to watch.

Flikku is a streaming recommendation app that pulls together content from 11 streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Stan and ABC i-View, to help users make a choice based on their own - and their friends' - viewing preferences.

Mr Ratjens said the app came in response to an increasingly fragmented streaming market, making it harder to find the most suitable content.

They discovered it was taking viewers seven minutes on average to find something to watch, with 42 per cent using multiple platforms. And that only compounded the more people watched.

"Platform hopping was becoming a much bigger problem and we thought there has got to be a better way," Mr Ratjens said.

"We are trying to surface content that users might otherwise miss.

Flikku also enables people to share content suggestions and Ms Ratjens said the group-flikk feature was especially relevant as much of the community is stuck at home due to the coronavirus. She said it can help people looking for new ways to connect during isolation.

"With Flikku, people looking to connect online who are not in the same room, they can still have a shared experience," she said.

"We are increasingly seeing that now with programs like Netflix party - people are getting into virtual watching together."

Lachlan and Pip Ratjens in Angourie.
Lachlan and Pip Ratjens in Angourie.

The pair started developing their app while living in London and have recently moved to sea-side town to be closer to family. It was a decision they were both happy with, especially given the current circumstances.

"I think the thing about a place like this, especially Angourie is you can have such a good quality of life and you can one minute be on your laptop finishing off some work and two minutes later you are on the beach," Ms Ratjens said.

We have absolutely loved it and we can definitely see the way technology is enabling people to have a more flexible lifestyle.

Their app can also be used to help people make a choice on which streaming platforms might best suit them, as they can input preferences and compare the content from all 11.

"They actually have a look at the content and what's recommended to them from any individual platform as well."

"It's all about discovery and putting information in the hands of the user so they can make their purchasing decisions when and how they want."

Flikku is available free in the App Store for use on Apple devices using iOS 12.4 or later.