Anti vaxxers: How would you feel if your child nearly died?

I HAVE a question for all the anti-vaxxers in our community. 

How would you feel if your baby was close to death thanks to an un-vaccinated human who passed on whooping cough all because they decided not to get vaccinated or vaccinate their child. 

This is exactly what happened to a good friend of mine. 

The baby was exposed to someone with whooping cough and nearly died in her arms from the terrible sickness. 

She said the nutrients from her breast milk was the only thing that saved her little girl. 

How terrifying would that be. 

Yes as parents there are choices. 

But how can anyone make a choice for their child that could potentially kill another. 

It's as terrifying as that. 

After the traumatic experience my friend was forced to go through, I was totally understanding she wouldn't allow anyone to visit her other children if they hadn't had their whooping cough vaccination and I will be doing the exact same thing when I have children. 

In Victoria, even tougher regulations mean parents will have to provide proof of a serious medical condition that prevents vaccination before a child is sent to school. 

Parents who don't vaccinate their children won't be able to send them to schools and daycare. I believe this needs to happen everywhere.