AN ANGRY motorist has filmed what he calls the "scourge" of the Toowoomba Range in action.

The film was taken on Monday morning and shows two trucks travelling side-by-side up the Range, causing traffic to bank up behind them.

The trucks never travelled faster than 20kmh.

The filmmaker told The Chronicle frustrations boiled over during the "five minute trip", with some motorists venting by "giving the finger" to the truck driver.

"You could feel the tension on the road," the motorist said.

"Truck drivers like this make a bad situation - the Range - even worse.

"Surely both trucks should have been travelling in the left lane, not blocking both lanes from the bottom to almost the top."

The outraged motorist said it took to the final bend on the up-section of the Range for the truck in the right-lane to pull in front of the other truck and into the left lane.

The motorist described the chaos once the left lane had cleared.

"Drivers, clearly frustrated with the whole situation, sped up once the lane cleared, with some cutting others off and coming close to crashing," the motorist wrote.

"It was fortunate it was a public holiday and relatively quiet on the road.

"I would have hated to see the congestion and anger on a much busier day."

What do you think of the actions of the truck drivers filmed on the Toowoomba Range?

This poll ended on 10 October 2013.

Current Results

Disgusting. This is the biggest issue with the Range


Downright rude and inconsiderate


It's bad, but it's not easy for them travelling the Range


Bit of an over-reaction from impatient motorists


Calm down. They're doing nothing wrong


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