AN AMAZING aerial photo has confirmed Ex-HMAS Tobruk has landed on her side.

The ship was flooded with water and submerged in about 30 minutes, settling on the bottom of the ocean at a depth of approximately 28 metres on Friday.

Organisers claim the scuttling was successful in waters off Bundaberg and will become a world-class dive site in the coming months.

Divers inspected the site once it was safe to do so and advised that the ship has settled on her starboard side, as was apparent as it began to roll in the final stages.

Department of Environment and Science's Project Manager Steve Hoseck explained that while this was not the planned outcome, it is always a possibility in a scuttling process, and will not impact the intended use of the site as a unique and exciting dive wreck.

"Divers are going to be able to swim through the unique tank deck that spans nearly the entire length of the ship," Mr Hoseck said.

"There are lots of nooks and crannies for divers to explore, and the contractors have left behind as many historic items as possible to make this an authentic dive experience."

Mr Hoseck said planned safety inspections of the site were currently being carried out.

The Department of Environment and Science are also having discussions with the contractor.

"Divers are currently undertaking safety assessment checks at the site, and this will determine what further works may be required to ensure the safe accessibility of the site."