AMA backs push for states to follow stance on vaccinations

A PUSH for all states to follow the NSW Government's tough new stance on childhood vaccinations has been backed by the Australian Medical Association.

Controversial laws, which prevent non-vaccinated children from attending child-care centres and primary schools, passed through NSW Parliament earlier this week.

Speaking at a conference in Sydney on Thursday, AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton said rather than an outright ban, the AMA supported measures that required parents to supply "full documentation of their child's immunisation status" before they were allowed to enrol.

He said the initial focus should be on primary schools where parents were able to claim "conscientious objector" status.

"The parents of these children must be encouraged to make a decision before their children can enter school - either complete the immunisation or sign up as a conscientious objector," Dr Hambleton said.

"This would allow schools to more easily identify which children need to be sent home should there be a disease outbreak at their school."