Alarm at Groovin the Moo festival drug use
Alarm at Groovin the Moo festival drug use

Alarm at festival drug use

THE numbers are alarming - 49 people charged with 67 drug offences and 186 ecstasy tablets seized in just one day.

Perhaps the most startling figure is a 15-year-old allegedly found with 77 MDMA (ecstasy) tablets.

The deaths that have rocked music festivals across the country in recent months have obviously done nothing to deter these idiots from gambling with other people's and their own lives.

Even more concerningly comes the revelation Townsville Hospital purposely rostered more staff to cope with the expected overdoses the festival would bring.

As Dr Niall Small said, no high should be worth the risk of taking "dangerous and potentially fatal" substances.

The alarming statistics from the Townsville festival once again brings up the debate of pill testing.

Some argue pill testing actually reduces the instances of drug-taking at festivals, as young people discover just what substances they're feeding their body.

Studies have shown that once they learn what's inside an MDMA or other pill, up to half decided not to take it.

But others suggest testing creates a false sense of security: If a pill is deemed 'safe', they see no reason not to take it and mix it with alcohol.

And the combination of drugs and alcohol is unfortunately what landed many young revellers in Townsville Hospital's emergency ward on Sunday evening.

The message at the end of the day should really be: Have fun, but do it responsibly and look after yourself and your friends.