Adam Hills’ awkward live TV clash


BRITISH TV host Piers Morgan threatened to fight Aussie comic Adam Hills during an awkward appearance on Morgan's morning TV show this week.

Hills appeared on Good Morning Britain alongside TV presenter Alex Brooker to promote the new series of their series The Last Leg, The Sun reports.

However, Piers couldn't resist taking the opportunity to confront Adam over a tweet he'd sent last year calling the TV presenter a "mercenary".

Taking issue with the remark, 54-year-old Piers kicked off today's live chat by saying: "Adam, I've got a bit of beef.

Adam Hills lets Piers have it.
Adam Hills lets Piers have it.

"Here's your chance to show some humility and regret the tone because I always thought we got on well and then I pick up Twitter and get abused by you.

"Now you are on my show helping me get ratings, cash and views."

Admitting he'd been expecting the confrontation, Adam looked uncomfortable as he insisted that Piers only pretends to hold controversial opinions.

Addressing the online fight, Adam argued: "Firstly, in your original tweet you called into question [Daniel Craig's] masculinity for looking after his own child, which raises several issues.


The Twitter exchange that started it all.
The Twitter exchange that started it all.

"Secondly, I know you Piers, and most of this is an act.

"There's one of two things going on; either you are a terribly odious human being who believes everything he says on TV … Or you are pretending to be a terribly odious human being in order to be paid."

Piers hit back: "I take issue with that - apparently my odious views are shared by 90% of the country; do you think The Last Leg is just a bunch of smart-arse snowflake liberals all arguing over people who have the more mainstream view?"

The Last Leg host retorted: "Is that worse than being a snowflake liberal but pretending not to be, which is what you do?"

Piers Morgan.
Piers Morgan.


Adam Hills.
Adam Hills.

Morgan's co-host Susanna Reid and fellow guest Brooker then both intervened, with the rest of the interview going without a hitch as Piers admitted that he was a fan of Adam's show.

However, things soured as the chat concluded, with Piers chuckling as he got up from his seat and raised his fists, telling viewers at home: "We are now going to have a fight.

"Let's go to (TV presenter) Lorraine Kelly while I beat the crap out of Adam Hills."

Adam and Piers' beef goes back to October 2018, when Piers tweeted a photo of Daniel Craig carrying his baby in a papoose alongside the hashtag "emasculated Bond".

Adam took issue with the post, tweeting him back at the time: "Oh f*** off Piers you mercenary.

"You'll honestly say anything for ratings/cash/views."


This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.