Nimbin identity Peter
Nimbin identity Peter "The Rock" Till outside Lismore Court House. Hamish Broome

Accused making a 'mockery of the criminal justice system'

A TRIAL scheduled for a Nimbin man on cannabis charges has hit a further snag.

Peter Till's charges of supplying and cultivating cannabis have previously been scheduled for trial on two occasions.

But when the 50-year-old faced Lismore District Court this morning, the matter was further delayed.

The accused, who claimed he was not Mr Till but had "given back" his birth certificate, refused to enter the court room until Judge Wells was present.

When he did enter, he paced back and forth and refused to approach the bar table, meaning his comments could not be recorded for the court's records.

Judge Wells resorted to directing Mr Till to sit in the dock.

"I'm not going," he replied.

"You're going to have to assault me."

Two sheriff's officers escorted Mr Till into the dock.

When Judge Wells asked the defendant if he was seeking an adjournment, he replied that he was "not Peter Till", but that Mr Till was too unwell to continue with the trial.

After some discussion of whether Mr Till's ongoing medical issues meant he couldn't proceed with the trial, Judge Wells and crown prosecutor Jonathan Baxter-Wright agreed further evidence was needed.

"It's the crown's position that there is nothing before this court ...that is sufficient to convince the court Mr Till is not fit to stand trial at this time," Mr Baxter-Wright said.

"He's just endeavouring to make a mockery of the criminal justice system," Mr Baxter-Wright said.

Mr Till, who is representing himself, said he was "in too much pain" to sit through the trial.

Often interrupting the prosecutor, Mr Till became agitated and accused police of unlawfully executing the warrant which led to his charges.

He also suggested police had no proof he was responsible for the drugs.

He questioned the delayed use of recording devices while the warrant was executed, saying about ten minutes was missing after police arrived.

He said three people left the property at the beginning of this search.

"It's a community space," Mr Till said.

"Where's the footage of the three people leaving that property?"

Mr Baxter-Wright said: "There was an incident where a phone which was included in the warrant ...  was taken before the video was turned on".

He said this issue "could be ventilated" in a legal discussion as part of the trial.

Mr Baxter-Wright said he would file a subpoena and attempt to call doctors to give evidence on Mr Till's health this afternoon.

Judge Wells stood the matter down to 2pm.