Deanna Struber (centre) with her father (left) and defence lawyer Cate Doosey (right).
Deanna Struber (centre) with her father (left) and defence lawyer Cate Doosey (right).

Accused car bomber given jail privileges

A mum-of-two, accused with her boyfriend of putting another couple through hell for weeks before he allegedly blew up their car with an IED, will now be able to chat to the accused car bomber in jail.

Deanna Struber, 31, appeared in Wollongong Local Court to try and have her strict bail conditions weakened.

Ms Struber was arrested at her Lake Heights home, in the south of the NSW city of Wollongong, on April 2.

Her partner Ryan Sharp, 33, had been arrested hours earlier in dramatic scenes involving the heavily armed public riot squad.

Mr Sharp has been in jail since his arrest after he was refused bail on April 5.

Ms Struber was released on strict conditional bail, charged with accessory after the fact to destroying or damaging property and stalk/intimidate due to her partner's alleged actions.

Police allege the entire incident, that ended in the alleged car bombing, kicked off when Ms Struber was beeped at in the drive-through of a McDonalds on February 22.

Defence lawyer Cate Doosey told the court that despite the serious nature of the charges, Ms Struber is a "devoted young mother" to her two sons, aged six and three.

Ms Doosey asked if Ms Struber would be able to talk to her partner, who has been in jail for almost two months over the car bombing and intimidation allegations.

Part of Ms Struber's bail conditions included an "absolute prohibition" on any contact with Mr Sharp.

Police did not object to Ms Struber talking to her partner on the phone but asked that the couple not be allowed to meet in person.

Magistrate Michael Douglass agreed to this, meaning the couple will now be allowed to talk on the phone until their next court date in July.

Ms Doosey also sought to have Ms Struber's weekly reporting, as per her bail conditions, stopped.

Police prosecutor Ben Bragger, advised by the police officer in charge, opposed the request.

"Reporting once a week is not particularly onerous," Mr Bragger said.

Ms Doosey told the court her client's flight risk was never identified as a bail concern but the prosecution again said it didn't see problem with Ms Struber having to report only once a week.

Ms Doosey told the court Ms Struber would be watched by her father, a former police officer, and she was already sticking to a curfew also imposed as part of her bail conditions.

Magistrate Michael Douglass told the court the reporting condition could be deleted.

"Given there's a curfew and she's attended court on other matters on a continued basis," Mr Douglass said, also citing Ms Struber's lack of criminal history.

Both Ms Struber and Mr Sharp will next appear in court on July 24 with the full brief of evidence to be served by July 17.