MIXED RESPONSE: It's been two months since Uber launched in Coffs Harbour.
MIXED RESPONSE: It's been two months since Uber launched in Coffs Harbour. Contributed

'A lack of drivers'. Is Uber disappointing?

THERE was plenty of excitement surrounding the announcement late last year that Uber would be launching in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs was one of 15 regional cities to welcome the service in December and now, two months on, many of our readers have reported a lack of drivers. While the company won't disclose how many local drivers there are on the books, it issued the following statement:

"As we are still quite new in the region, our focus is on increasing the number of cars by encouraging more driver sign-ups and also encouraging riders to take their first trip with the Uber app.

"Coffs Harbour is embracing Uber. Since launching in December 2018, hundreds of trips have been taken in the local community using the app. Locals are also signing up to access flexible earning opportunities as Uber drivers."

But many residents have expressed frustration with a lack of drivers.

"There's always no cars available, even right now," wrote Keeleigh Ower.

"Just a waste of time even trying to get one for short trips," was Carmen Orman's comment.

"I don't even try after all the stories I have heard," Jo Coaldrake wrote.

"Every time I've tried Uber in Coffs there are no drivers, so I've had to use Gobuggy or Coffs taxis to get home. It cost more but I don't care as I was happy to get a ride home at least," Jade Williams commented.

Others have had a very positive experience.

"So much better and cheaper and has been good for me. It was only once that I didn't get a ride, and that was very late at night. Have had the same driver for about four rides and he's a champ very friendly and good for a convo," Aaron Clague wrote.

"I have used it half a dozen times. Been great every time. Every driver has been polite, the cars have been clean etc. Half the price of cabs," Jarred Huxter commented.

"I have used Uber in other places...it's great! Give them time to build in the area," Linda Filstoft Alfred wrote.

Uber's headquarteres are in San Francisco, California, and in some cities the company also operates a food delivery and a bicycle-sharing system.