A hot cop has caused a stir on social media after posing with a dog. Picture: Queensland Police
A hot cop has caused a stir on social media after posing with a dog. Picture: Queensland Police

‘Gorgeous’ cop causes mayhem online

QUEENSLAND Police have inadvertently caused chaos on their social media accounts, sharing a photo of an adorable dog alongside a hot cop.

In the photo shared on Twitter and Facebook, an unidentified police officer poses with a very deserving golden retriever while appearing to be out on patrol.

The caption reads: "1 retweet = 1 pat for this 10/10 good doggo", as well as having a dog, paws and policewoman emoji alongside it and the hashtag #pawenforcement.

But while people are smitten with the pooch - who looks delighted to be getting a pat down from the officer - others have been taken with the cop's good looks.

On Twitter, there were lots of comments about how "cute" the pair were.

On Facebook, the response was overwhelmingly the same.

"What a cute … dog I'm only talking about the dog," one person wrote.

"Gorgeous … dog," another teased.

Someone else said: "The most beautiful. dog ever."

Others praised the police officer, thanking her and the rest of Queensland Police who "go above and beyond your duty".

Others thought the dog was a "13/10" and he deserved "all the pats in the world".

"He deserves all the pats what a good boy," one person wrote.

"The pats will be going for quite some time," another said.

"That dog is going to get pats for the rest of its life!" someone even declared.

So far the post has had almost 4000 likes on Facebook and hundreds of comments since it was shared 15 hours ago.


She's not the only "hot cop" people have lost their minds over recently.

On March 4, the internet went crazy for a "hottie" police officer from WA after a photo of him out and about doing random breath tests was shared.

Men and women were distracted by the senior constable's huge smile and freshly trimmed beard to notice the important message being shared.

Some noticed his lack of wedding ring, while others were keen on his other physical attributes, like, you know, his bulging biceps.

People quickly started saying they were going to be hitting the road tonight, some joking they were going to be drinking or committing crimes so they could be handcuffed by the officer.

In February, YouTube users went crazy for a Kiwi police officer with "stunning looks" who appeared in a vlog for Auckland Police.


Constable Lana Crichton was inundated with comments by an army of fans, many of whom wanted her to arrest them.

"Lana can arrest me at any time," one excited YouTube user wrote.

While another declared: "I'd commit a crime just to meet her."

News.com.au have contacted Queensland Police for comment.


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