BUY IT FOR A BUCK: Lou Renard is selling his house for $1 and is hoping to redevelop the land once the house is gone.
BUY IT FOR A BUCK: Lou Renard is selling his house for $1 and is hoping to redevelop the land once the house is gone. Chris Ison Rokchouse

A Freddo Frog or a house? What $1 can get

WHEN Yeppoon's Lou Renard says he'll sell his house to you for $1, he means it.

The local company director wants someone to take the John St house off his block of land for the same price as a Freddo Frog.

Lou and his wife bought the highset home four years ago with hopes to one day redevelop the land into a block of units.

For Lou that day has come and now he needs the house gone.

Lou said the house had been empty since he bought it.

"We bought it with the idea of redeveloping it but in the end we couldn't find a suitable builder to do the work we wanted so we just want it gone," he said.

"We could renovate it and rent it out but we feel the block is crying out for some sort of development on it.

"The land itself is not for sale, just the house, so whoever buys it will have to remove it from the block.

"The house would need some renovations before it would be liveable but it really is a great house structurally.

"We'd either remove it or demolish it and there's a cost in doing that so we thought if someone else would want the house we'd both win. I'd have a clear block to do what I want with it and someone would have a house."

Lou said he was selling the house for $1 as it was the minimum consideration in a contract.



Yeppoon Real Estate sales specialist Alison Quigley said she had never heard of anyone selling their house for the minimum price before but that it was a great opportunity for house hunters in the area.

"We came up with the idea simply based on the fact that Lou had a commercial block with a house on it that he wanted removed," Ms Quigley said.

"This house would be perfect for someone who's handy or already owns a block of land and is looking for a budget house. It would be a great family home or look wonderful on an acreage block.

"The house itself is a large gable Queenslander-styled home with pine floors and four bedrooms.

"It would need a complete refurbishment and a coat of paint but it would make a very cost-effective home for someone."



Contact Lou on 0428 458 344 if you are interested in buying the house