Mel Buttle talks with contestant Meg in a scene from The Great Australian Bake Off.
Mel Buttle talks with contestant Meg in a scene from The Great Australian Bake Off. Photo Stuart Bryce

INSIDER: A dash of humour added to Great Aussie Bake Off

TUESDAY will have the pay-TV revival of another show axed from free-to-air.

Diehard fans campaigned for the resurrection of A Place to Call Home, but The Great Australian Bake Off's return has been a more subdued affair.

The local spin-off of the popular British show aired for just one season on Channel 9. Foxtel vowed to stay true to the original series' recipe for success.

Following the British series, which is hosted by two female comedians, GABO (as it's affectionately called by the crew) is helmed by Aussie funny women Claire Hooper and Mel Buttle.

Their cheeky, dry sense of humour helps to lighten the mood but Claire and Mel are also a supportive force in the kitchen.

They have not previously worked together, but the two women have great chemistry and their off-the-cuff remarks really spice up the goings-on of the kitchen (set in a 'shed' styled to within an inch of its life).

The show also has great cooking credentials thanks to its superstar judges Matt Moran and Maggie Beer.

The other thing I like about the show is that the contestants aren't competing for a cash prize or a TV or cookbook deal. They're simply baking for the love of it and the title of Australia's best amateur baker.

These are real, everyday people who aren't after a career in the media (cough, MKR, cough).

They include a GP, an 18-year-old student, mums and a macaroon-obsessed miner. The gender balance is also great, with five men and seven women.

They also don't have to work under unrealistic time constraints - one of my other bugbears with other reality cooking shows.

The only thing that would improve Bake Off, is if we could have "smello-vision" through our smart TVs so we could enjoy the aromas of treats baking. Sure rich chocolate cakes look sexy on screen, but imagine if you could smell them.

Bake Off is light, sweet viewing. Who doesn't enjoy that?