A bit of shoosh on sidelines

A PIECE of advice for parents watching junior sport this weekend - be quiet.

This weekend marks the end of Shoosh for Kids Week, an initiative designed to promote positive sideline behaviour at junior sport.

The rules for the sidelines this weekend are simple:

  • If your comment is negative, then SHOOSH!
  • If your comment is directed at a player, then SHOOSH!
  • If you comment is directed at a referee or match official, then SHOOSH!
  • Reward good play by both teams with applause; if you can't then SHOOSH!
  • Show respect to players and game officials. Remember it's their game.

Office of Sport Chief Executive Matt Miller said the Shoosh for Kids Week is about creating a positive and enjoyable environment to play sport.

"Keeping and encouraging kids participating in sport throughout their lives is essential for a healthy, well balanced community. We want to ensure that all players, officials and spectators, have a great experience when out on the field or court," Mr Miller said.