No ‘fistful-of-dollars’ election campaign from Turnbull

DO NOT expect a big spending election from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

In a wide-ranging interview on Melbourne radio station 3AW yesterday morning, Mr Turnbull said the government would not be running a "fistful-of-dollars election campaign".

"I think the Australian people recognise that we're in a tight fiscal environment, tight financial environment, and any new programs will have to demonstrate how they're going to be paid for and what offsets or what new sources of revenue will fund them," he said.

The interview came a day after Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced Labor would spend $37 billion on completing the Gonski education reforms.

Mr Turnbull told the radio station he expected the federal election would be held in August, September or October.

He did not rule out an increase in the GST, saying the government wanted to improve the taxation system.

"What governments should seek to do is constantly or regularly review the mix of taxes to ensure that they raise the money they need, but in a way that provides the least brake, the least negative impact on economic activity," he said.

"We're not seeking to do tax reform for tax reform's sake."