Day care workers plead pay case before Fair Work Commission

DAY care workers will this week go into battle for higher wages with their union expected to make an application to the Fair Work Commission.

Early childhood education union United Voice will today apply for an order covering all early childhood professionals in Australia's day care centres.

If granted, the order would affect about 68,000 workers in childcare, who teach 610,000 children nationally.

United Voice national president Michael Crosby said these teachers often earned $10 less per hour than other educators with similar qualifications.

"Educators' work has historically been underpaid because it has been viewed as women's work, drawing on skills that were traditionally unpaid as they were performed in the home," Mr Crosby said.

"Today, childcare is professionalised and its quality is assessed in accordance with high standards."

Mr Crosby called political parties of all shades to support the application.