Climate sceptic hired for renewables review denies bias

DICK Warburton, the climate sceptic who headed the government review into the renewable energy target, has come out fighting against critics who say the whole enterprise smacks of bias.

The Warburton Review released its findings on Thursday suggesting the government either scrap the target altogether or reset it to a lower percentage.

But Mr Warburton said that his personal thoughts on climate change had "no bearing on this report whatsoever".

"We looked into this with a completely open mind. We consulted with over 200 people, stakeholders, governments, right across the country, we had 800 to 900 submissions which we reviewed, we took all of that into account when we came to our report. It had nothing to do with my other thoughts in that area," he told ABC radio.

The green energy sector joined Labor and the Greens in condemning the report on Thursday insisting that thousands of jobs would be lost and electricity prices would soar if the Government acted on the recommendations.

Mr Warburton, however dismissed this view as an "extreme exaggeration" of the situation.

The Government will take a couple of weeks to decide on a course of action but Environment Minister Greg Hunt said that they would not be breaking an election promise if they decided to move the goal posts.

"What we said is that we had a policy of 20% and that we would have a review and we would respond to the reviews. So we have had the review," the Minister said.