Bronwyn Bishop
Bronwyn Bishop Nick Falconer/The Sunshine Coast Daily

Calls for Speaker to resign after suite used for fundraiser

LABOR has called on Speaker Bronwyn Bishop to re-consider her place in the coveted parliamentary role, amid reports of her holding a $50,000 Liberal Party fundraiser in the Speaker's office.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Ms Bishop held a $2500-a-plate fundraiser on the night of the Abbott Government's budget for 20 political donors in her private dining room.

But reports of the fundraiser has added to rising tensions in parliament over her performance in the role, after ejecting more than 99 Labor MPs from the House in little over a month of sittings.

No other MPs have been ejected.

While it is understood the fundraiser did not need to be declared and did not use any taxpayer funds, Labor Senator Penny Wong said on Sunday it brought her independence into question.

She said on ABC TV that people would be "entitled to think Bronwyn is more cheerleader than chair", claiming she was acting as a "chief liberal fundraiser in the parliament".

"Supposedly, (the speaker's role is) to bring impartiality and fairness to the parliament - how can you do that if you're using the speaker's suite to fundraise for your party?" she said.

"I think Ms Bishop really is traducing the standards the people expect of the speaker and the Australian parliament."

The reported fundraiser was one of many functions held and attended by politicians from both major parties in the parliament on budget night.