Has Brittany Lauga been frozen out of ALP because of GKI?

FORMER LNP treasurer Tim Nicholls has accused the State Government of destroying job prospects in the Capricorn region by not supporting a boutique casino licence for Great Keppel Island.

He launched a scathing attack on the ALP's handling of the development in parliament yesterday morning, claiming that Keppel MP Brittany Lauga was being kept in the dark.

Mr Nicholls had his sights set on Deputy Premier Jackie Trad and accused her of exercising her numbers with her "leftie-greenie mates" in not backing Tower Holdings' bid for a casino licence.

"We have got the Member for Keppel who is not getting on with the Member for Rockhampton," Mr Nicholls said.

"Do they want a resort there, don't they want a resort… are they talking to each other?

"We know the poor old Member for Keppel is in trouble because last Wednesday… the Member for South Brisbane (Ms Trad) flew to Keppel and met with the Mayor for Livingstone Shire Council, Bill Ludwig, and the Deputy Mayor, Graham Scott, who is a pretty good fisherman, but did she meet with the Member for Keppel?

"Did she take a call from the Member for Keppel who said 'I'd like to talk about the most significant job creation project in the region, can we have a discussion', not a word."

A spokesman for the Deputy Premier yesterday would not accept questions from The Morning Bulletin, saying any questions about Great Keppel Island should be directed to State Development Minister Anthony Lynham.

Although it was Ms Trad who made the call to Mrs Lauga, an hour before a public meeting with Tower Holdings in Yeppoon on May 1, to say there would be no licence granted, the spokesman said Ms Trad was not responsible.

"This is for Anthony Lynham. It is his portfolio," she said.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones yesterday told The Morning Bulletin she had been to Rockhampton many times and was looking forward to visiting again at this weekend's Community Cabinet. "At the moment, the Queensland Government doesn't have any casino licences available to grant Tower Holdings but I'm keen to hear ideas and will be in town to listen," Ms Jones said.

"I want to ensure Queensland remains a major tourist destination and work with industry to develop new attractions for visitors to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

"After the LNP ripped millions out of Tourism and Events Queensland, the Palaszczuk government is committed to growing the industry."

Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne did not respond to our questions.