THERE'S not much that can scare Keith Hills. And that's lucky, because Cyclone Debbie is headed straight for him.

The 91-year-old Tamworth man lives in a caravan at Queen's Beach in Bowen and says he's seen his fair share of cyclones.

But whether his portable home and its tarps can withstand the Category 4 storm is another question. Regardless, he says he's staying put anyway.

"I've got plenty of supplies,

I've got enough tucker," he said.

"I've got bread rolls, milk and butter.

"Me daughter this morning, she said 'you right dad?'

"I said yeah, if it's gonna kill (me) I'm meant to go that way."

Forecasters say Bowen is right in the path of Cyclone Debbie, which is expected to make landfall later today, and the town is expected to cop some major damage.

Despite a population of 10,000, there is room for only 800 people in Bowen's cyclone shelter.