7.35am is officially the nuttiest time of day

AUSSIE parents have spoken: 7.35am is officially the nuttiest time of day.

No surprises there, right?

According to new research from Kraft Nuts, 2.3 million parents believe breakfast to be the most hectic, frenzied time - the "nuttiest" time in their family's daily routine. 

Exactly 7.35am has been pinpointed as the pinnacle, as this time usually means parents are well and truly getting stuck into the breakfast routine - attempting to provide their kids with a decent breakfast before heading off for an action-packed day.

With many believing breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, the research also found Aussie parents are spending a total of 25 minutes on the breakfast routine ever day.

This translates to a whopping 140 hours, or 5.8 days, every year, just on breakfast. 

Celebrity mum and popular TV presenter Sophie Falkiner said she knew all too well the craziness of the early morning routine.

"As a mum of two (aged 6 and 10), morning are without doubt an absolutely nutty time in my house-hold," Ms Falkiner said. 

"Not only is there breakfast to be made and eaten, there's washing to be hung, bags to be packed and kids to be dressed.

"Whilst it might be crazy, 7.35am is actually my favourite time of day - I use the brekkie routine as an opportunity to chat to my kids and find out what the day ahead has in store for them."

What's your favourite time of day? Or, how do you survive the morning rush?