MardiGrass drug drivers: 45 out of 1366 tests were positive

TRAFFIC and Highway Patrol officers caught 45 people for drug-driving during a three-day operation in Richmond Local Area Command.

Officers conducted 1366 random drug tests and 1777 random breath tests, infringing four drivers for drink-driving.

Assistant Commissioner John Hartley of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said the message to road users was clear: if you use drugs and drive, you will get caught.

"Road users must understand and heed this warning. Drug-driving puts you and other innocent road users at great risk and our officers will be there to stop you," he said.

"Drug and drink-driving is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. So far this year, 138 people have lost their lives on our roads, 37 more than this time last year. It is up to all of us to make the roads safer and avert further tragedy."

Skimming scam

Richmond LAC published a warning that a card skimming device may have been used at the festival. One festival-goer had $500 cleared from their account on Saturday and police were concerned there may be other victims.