24 October - 22 November

Feelings that are submerged within your subconscious will start to rise to the surface. There may be no rhyme or reason for this but it will impact your relationships. If you aren't vigilant it will cause problems for you of an emotional and sexual nature. The way you deal with money, especially with those closest to you, will also be linked to these issues. Think carefully about who you want in your life, particularly if intimacy and money are overlapping issues at this time.


23 November - 22 December

You want to fit in but there may be elements of the social group you belong to that don't fit the pattern of your personality now. Your association with different people has become habitual. You now realize bad habits are hard to break. In the extreme, they produce a lack of self-confidence moving out of the social circle you've come to know. You want to shift to into new ones. You never know exactly how green the grass is on the other side until you step through the gate in the paddock of life.


23 December - 20 January

You're entering a phase of emotional and romantic instability. You'll be bored and need something different to stimulate. There is a greater awareness of your emotional and sexual needs. You need others to give you that push to break free of any social confinement you've been experiencing over the past few months. It's time to dive in boots and all irrespective of any fear you may feel. You're too bogged down in the details of what you're doing and missing the big picture of your future.


21 January - 19 February

You are investigating ways and means to improve not only your self-esteem but your physical and spiritual well-being. Much of what has obstructed you is related to the work you're doing, or rather the work that you don't want to be doing. These explorations will take you into new pathways. If you're open enough to what's available during this current cycle, expect wonderful new horizons to open up. A gambling tip could pay off today.


20 February - 20 March

You can't please everyone all the time. This is clearly shown by the reaction of some people to your decisions. At times people are contrary simply for the sake of argument. If you take the bait, you may end up in endless circles arguing over issues having no bearing on your life or its improvement. It's important to sidestep confrontations graciously. Cleverly dovetail conversations into something more practical. You have to be sure what you desire is worth having.


21 March - 20 April

You have to assert yourself in your negotiations. You can likely do this in a way that doesn't offend others. You have to be quick and ingenious. Your ideas are ahead of their time. Working on your delivery will make them acceptable to others even if they have previously been averse to what you are saying. Sharing with others may not come easily to you at this time as those whom you're trying to share with need to also be open and receptive to receive what's on offer.


21 April - 21 May

You could feel stifled by someone you love. This isn't because they're necessarily imposing their will on you. You feel they simply can't get out of their own road. You want them to move forward and expand themselves in the same way you are. Right now, you have an expansive mind and wish to explore many different avenues that will allow you to grow in mind and spirit. If you are with someone who has no interest in these areas you could become frustrated, to say the least.


22 May - 21 June

You're becoming more deliberate in the way that you express yourself but now you may be in an interval of your life where you need to break out, let your hair down and show the wilder side of your personality. This may shock others but it's the only way you're going to fulfil this need to discover the shadow side of your nature. Until this is done you'll be suppressing many of your desires which will result in a continued inner dissatisfaction. Trust your instincts now.


22 June - 23 July

There's a necessary process of removing unnecessary elements in your life. You've been trying to please too many people for too long. There will be a feeling of guilt if you pursue this. Unless you do, the pressure and anxiety will build to unmanageable proportions. You are also confronted with a choice. That relates to pursuing a path of materialistic and financial concern against that of nurturing your spirit and doing what makes you happy for the sake of your inner freedom.


24 July - 23 August

Things are now on a more even keel. You're now able to make sense of the disparate elements of your life. You've been confronted with this over the past year or so. Your awareness is converging on a single point and that will most definitely help you see your way through to the next important phase of your development. Relationships, in particular, will have to change if you are going to be able to move in this direction. Of course, it's much easier when you have the support of someone.


24 August - 23 September

You are driven to make more money. You must be diligent and specific in your planning. If you're haphazard and running on the need to keep up with others, you won't be able to sustain any sort of success long term. Put the brakes on for a moment, take a deep breath and think carefully about what the exact outcome of your plan is before moving forward another step. A brief interlude with an old friend could bring solace and more optimism during this phase of your life.


24 September - 23 October

You can sense a strong psychic bond with a romantic possibility at present. Communications will be engaging. Unfortunately speaking about your feelings won't be easy. Perhaps you don't need to verbalise some feelings as there is a mutual understanding that goes beyond the limits of language. You may have to sit on the fence for a little longer until you both feel confident that this is indeed something far deeper. If you're in a committed relationship it means a deepening of the bonds of love.

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