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Peckish Large Parrot Premium Blend 5kg


Date listed: 3/12/2020

PECKISH LARGE PARROT PREMIUM BLEND 5KGThis special blend of vegetables, greens, dried fruits, nuts and traditional seeds is not only delicious, it's also great for your large parrot's health!Offering all natural greens for protein, calcium and iron, and dried fruits, nuts and vegetables for an extra source of vitamins and minerals, the Peckish Large Parrot Premium Blend is perfect for large parrots such as cockatoos, galahs and major mitchells. And with added berries for antioxidants, carrots for Vitamin E, and a specially designed VITA-ENRICH Pellet that gives your feathery friend an even greater boost of vitamins and minerals, your parrot will look great and feel even better!Ingredients: Grey Sunflower, Wheat, Sorghum, VITA-ENRICH Pellet (Wheat, Maize, Bran & Pollard, Soybean, Vegetable oil, Vitamin & Mineral premix), Peanuts, Barley, Oats, Maize, Natural Greens pellet (Wheat, Alfalfa, Kale, Parsley, Vitamin & Mineral premix, Dextrose, Alfalfa Extract), Mixed Berry pellet (Wheat, Blueberries, Black Currants, Blackberries, Vitamin & Mineral premix, Dextrose), Carrot pellet (Wheat, Carrot, Vitamin & Mineral premix, Dextrose, Beta Carotene), Air Dried Carrot, Pepitas, Sultanas, Almonds, shell grit, Vegetable oil.

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