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Slip Beauty Sleep Gift Sets (Various Colours) - Caramel/Black


Date listed: 30/9/2020

A dream team of sleep essentials, this two-piece collection has everything needed to grant you, your skin and hair a relaxed and comfortable night’s rest, without irritation. Slipsilk™ is meticulously crafted from the highest quality mulberry silk of strictly specified fibre grades, this unique silk blend provides the perfect balance of shine, softness and durability. Significantly less absorbent than other common fibres, it slips smoothly over the face without creating friction against the skin or hair—and without soaking up your freshly applied skincare. Contains one queen-sized Caramel Pure Silk Pillowcase and one Black Pure Silk Sleep Mask. Pillowcase size: Size: 51cm x 76cm (20 x 30 )

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