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ESPA Home Sweet Home Candle Collection


Date listed: 3/10/2020

Envelop your home in ESPA’s memorable aromas, allowing you to enjoy your home in comfort and warmth, this Christmas. This limited-edition collection includes the signature Soothing, Restorative, Energising and Positivity blends. With a scent to suit every room, create an unforgettable sense of home. The Set Contains: Soothing Candle (70g) This ultra-soothing blend of Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense releases an intensely comforting fragrance that twists and turns in the air, setting the senses aglow with its warm, rich notes. Infused with a host of potent aromatherapy oils, the hand-poured natural soy wax candle imparts a deliciously tranquil aroma that creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for you to recline and unwind. Simply light the wick and escape amongst the reassuring ambience of this serene fragrance. Restorative Candle (70g) This luxurious hand-poured natural soy wax candle will fill your home with a tranquil and uplifting aroma, creating a reassuring ambience. The candle is infused with the brand’s Restorative Signature Blend, combining fragrant essential oils to help promote a sense of calm. The comforting aroma of Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange and Lavender helps to soothe the senses. Energising Candle (70g) Crafted with uplifting Peppermint and stimulating Eucalyptus, the candle has a refreshing scent with clarifying herbal undertones thanks to added Rosemary. This Energising Signature Blend is a carefully developed mix of essential oils deeply rooted within aromatherapy, linking the aroma to ancient practices and beliefs that bring the body and mind together. Made from hand-poured soy wax, the candle makes for a luxurious addition to any room and offers a smooth, even burn throughout the morning or evening. Housed in an understated white glass case with a sleek metal lid that doubles as a standing plate for when the candle is in use. Positivity Candle (70g) Infused with a fragrant blend of pure essential oils extracted from botanicals, the scented natural soy wax candles are lovingly hand-poured to ensure an even burn. Specially curated to alleviate any negative energy and lift your spirit, the scented candle demonstrates the power of aromatherapy, a holistic practice that lies at the core of ESPA’s core. Unleashing the brand’s unique Positivity Signature Blend, a floral bouquet of Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose Geranium, expertly married with effervescent notes of Bergamot and Sweet Orange, the candle fills the room with a joyful smell, evocative of a sun-drenched spring garden in full bloom.

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