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ROSSI MMA 200Amp Welder DC iGBT Inverter ARC Welding Machine Stick Portable


Date listed: 27/4/2016

The Rossi MMA200 - powerful, yet extremely lightweight 200Amp MMA/Arc iGBT inverter welder is the must have for any Tradesman/Handyman. Seriously compact and featuring true iGBT DC inverter technology, you’re assured an instant start, deep penetration and a quality smooth weld finish. This awesome unit is capable of running a 3.2mm rod, flowing layered soft fusion with perfect stability of the arc.

The features of the transistor bridge combined to make a continuous current rectifier - the high speed and precise regulation with high welding current continuity produce superior results with both general stick electrode and special purpose rods.

Whether you're welding at home or work, the Rossi MMA-200 Inverter Welder is small and light enough to take everywhere and will give you a quality weld every time. 

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