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GENFORCE Inverter Generator 3700Watts Max 3200Watts Rated Portable Camping Petrol


Date listed: 14/9/2019

The GENFORCE GT6000 Generator has been designed with one thing in mind - convenience in the outback.  This class-leading unit is powered by an advanced  OHC four-stroke engine that produces 100% pure-sine power capable of running sensitive electronic equipment.
The GT600 is equipped with the latest technology and boasts an Exclusive Fuel Injection system providing a wide range of remarkable benefits over conventional models. The GT600 generates optimal power, and achieves this with superior efficiency. It also ensures exceptional starting ability in any conditions, requires less ongoing maintenance and expels minimal exhaust gases!

The GT6000 offers impressive features, such as two Australian approved 240V outletsdual USB sockets, automatic overload and low oil protection, as well as silent technology that produces just 58 decibels at 7 metres.  It’s built with a 150cc engine that boasts a powerful 3700W max power output, with auto voltage adjustor, and a huge 6.5L fuel tank that can provide up to 5 hours continuous operation.  And for total user-friendliness, refer to the simple Quick Start Guide featured on the top of the unit.

So whether you plan to enjoy home comforts on your next holiday, or want a generator on hand for work, play or power outages, the GENFORCE GT6000 is a workhorse you can rely on. Get the ultimate in pure-sine wave clean energy and put a real spark into the outdoors, order your GENFORCE GT6000 Generator today!  

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